Our history: 30 years of experience

Since 1989, O.M.S. has been working on and building high precision mechanical parts based on customer design, in the aeronautical, aerospace, vacuum and ultra high vacuum sectors, with continuous growth in the racing sector, particularly for the F1 championships and GP Moto.

Our company can count on almost fifty years of the management experience in aerospace sector (having started activity in 1971) and a consolidated position on the national and foreign markets.

The use of state-of-the-art technology, the continuous training of staff and the continuous search for more efficient processes make O.M.S. an ideal partner for those who want precision and quality.


More than twenty years ago we began the process of specializing in the making of various types of “special materials for aeronautical and aerospace use as well as various stainless steels (AISI 303, AISI 304, AISI 316, AISI 416L), and today we can boast a special experience both in technical and human resources and in the use of equipment and instruments dedicated to making all types of aluminium alloys (avional, ergal, enticorodal, etc.). The use of material coming from leading suppliers in the market, reliable in both delivery and quality, correlated by chemical physics and conformity analysis, allows us to maintain high standards.


Our company policy promotes a continuous research of new technologies that can further perfect the quality of our products and our processes in order to satisfy the customer in terms of:

  • Completeness of information (through a strict control process)
  • Respect of defined delivery terms
  • Flexibility of adaptation of the products and of the delivery times
  • Continuous research in order to obtain detailed Economic Efficiency
  • Continuous interaction with the customer to offer the technical support necessary to identify alternative solutions that can improve the quality/price ratio
  • Continuous professional growth and the use of human resources through internal and external training, promoting a positive, efficient work environment.



The production cycle is constantly submitted to verification trials, after which the product is followed and certified, from the acceptance of materials used to the construction and packing phases, and is finally put to careful testing at the end of production, rendering a very high quality product and obtaining strictly monitored size limits and excellent surface finishes.


Always attentive to the evolution of the market and up to date on the latest technologies, our company promotes constant research and monitoring in the following fields:

  • dedicated (based on our design specifications) and standard tools
  • innovative dimensional and geometrical verification systems
  • numeric control machines
  • special machinery