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Titanium trophies - the 4.0 challenge


From 2015 to today with our business-unit TIJEY we have started a new project to bring the highest level mechanics combined with aerospace materials, to the fore in the creation of wearable accessories in titanium.

Thus was born the exclusive TIJEY jewelry line.


From the collaboration with NASCAR Europe which has lasted for 4 years now, we wanted to extend this application to a new sector: prizes and trophies created from solid blocks and made with aeronautical and aerospace materials.

We therefore provided the first cup obtained from solid blocks for the NASCAR European Championship, and it was a great success, to the point that from the USA they have titled “the European Championship has a more beautiful cup than ours”.

Nascar EU release for Trofey TIJEY

NASCAR USA CEO presents the Award to the winner of the NASCAR EU 2021 championship

TuttoSport Motori | EuroNASCAR 2: the new cups are Made in Italy masterpieces

The latest exciting challenge

in December 2021 the FMI (Italian Motorcycle Federation), commissioned us to create the lifetime achievement award for 2 “legends” in the world of two-wheel racing worldwide, Valentino Rossi and Antonio Cairoli.

The idea was to create something truly special, which was “at the height” of the careers it had to represent, and which was “different” from the hundreds of trophies won by the two champions, something that could “amaze and excite” who, like them, is used to winning everything and continuously receiving “honors” of all kinds.

Lifetime Achievement Award to Valentino Rossi

Lifetime Achievement Award to Antonio Cairoli

Ceremony for the delivery of the VR46-TC222 Career Award
the delivery of the 2 exclusive trofey made by OMS-Tijey
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110 years FMI.
The awards made by OMS TIJEY go to Cairoli and Rossi
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TIJEY - NASCAR Fastest Driver Award
TIJEY has supplied a special titanium ring for NASCAR Europe
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NASCAR Europe Trophy
We have: designed, engineered, built the trophy for the EU Nascar championship, entirely made from solid ...
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Unboxing the new NASCAR Whelen Euro Series trophy by Tijey
The new Tijey trophy for NASCAR Whelen Euro Series
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NASCAR Italy Finals 2021
This year to celebrate the NASCAR Finals in Italy, a special ring with gold and diamonds was created
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Press review

NWES and Tijey unveil new iconic championship trophy

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