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Application areas

OMS has been working for critical sectors since 1989 and for leading multinational clients in the various sectors of competence;
thanks to an advanced know-how of over 30 years, it carries out high-tech processing for the global mechanical engineering market, producing high-precision mechanical components for aeronautics, the motorsport sector, chemical analysis and ultra-vacuum and the biomedical sector.

Aeronautics – Aerospace

The experience and certifications acquired over the years together with the reliable solidity of the production processes, make Oms an exceptional partner in the processing and assembly of components for aeronautics.

Accuracy is of fundamental importance in all aspects of production and assembly in the aerospace sector, where the margin of error must always be minimized.

the considerable know-how matured and recognized by each of our customers allowed us to actively participate in numerous projects on the world scene; Oms can indeed boast of having supplied, among other details, some elements of the Arianne 6 and Arianne 7 carrier rockets, thus confirming the technological excellence that distinguishes it.

It can also perform tomographic checks and control of critical details in close collaboration with laboratory equipped with tomographic equipment, through which it is able to perform dimensional verification and quantitative defect analysis.

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Chemical analysis and Ultra High Vacuum

The most prestigious international scientific institutions, such as Nasa and Cern, use turbomolecular pumps to create ultra-high vacuum, and they use Agilent Technologies (ex Varian Inc.) pumps, and Oms is a strategic supplier of these thanks to the tight technology and design partnership that Oms has with Agilent.

Knowledge of the rigorous demands of vacuum-based processes is essential to provide high-performance solutions that are reliable and improve productivity.

Agilent technology has always been a guarantee of solid scientific competence and creativity in developing customized solutions for the most diverse needs. Agilent is a partner of excellence in vacuum processing for glass coatings, leak detection systems for biopharmaceutical and semiconductor manufacturing or vibration-free vacuum measurement and pumping solutions for electronic microscopes and surface analysis systems.

Complete, high-performance aspiration systems are backed by industry-leading service and support programs that maximize uptime and productivity.

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Thanks to the use of new technologies developed in its specific turning and milling center for micro-machining (v. Citizen and Micro-turning), today OMS is able to produce micro-sized mechanical details (minimum external diameter 0.40 mm, hole diameter 0,20 mm), guaranteeing process capacity of 1.5 minimum dimensions with tolerances of 0.010 mm.

This production plant is particularly suitable, not only for the production of precision applications (mechanical watchmaking), for precision micro-components implanted in the human body, dedicated to biomedicine (OMS Core client is in fact Microport, a multinational biomedical brand).

In fact, OMS produces some critical parts, mainly for the assembly of the implantable unit in the pacemaker body, and in the implantable defibrillation unit in the human body.

Our products are assembled and sold in all countries, for this reason OMS is recognized as an approved supplier for implantable parts.

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Motorsport F1 and MotoGP Racing

The constant progress and the research effort over the years have led OMS to appear on highly technological turnarounds, such as the Motorsport Formula 1 and Moto Gp sector, which, while representing a small business segment, has enabled OMS to be recognized as a valid and reliable strategic partner in this complex market.

In general, a sector such as motorsport, which implies a diversification of corporate partnerships, represents a continuous opportunity for improvement in high-precision machining.

Of great interest are the work carried out by OMS as official supplier of Brembo Racing, for which it has produced pieces of crucial importance, for the most important competitive competitions.

OMS oversaw the direct supply to the teams of different mechanical parts of the car, and the supply for the Formula 1 core suppliers such as:

  • Brembo (braking system)
  • Magneti Marelli motorsport (Kers and electronic case)
  • UFI Filter (F1 engine filtering systems)

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Titanium trophies

From 2015 to today with our business-unit TIJEY  we have started a new project to bring the highest level mechanics combined with aerospace materials, to the fore in the creation of wearable accessories in titanium.

From the collaboration with NASCAR Europa that has lasted for 4 years now, we wanted to extend this application to a new sector: prizes and trophies created from solid blocks and made with aeronautical and aerospace materials.

We then provided the first solid block cup for the NASCAR European Championship, and it was a great success …

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