Quality Analysis and Production Planning Laboratory

The quality analysis laboratory, with its controlled temperature and humidity, is the fulcrum of research and control at the company. Since 2002 we have adopted, among other things, a certification system for our products called S.P.S. (System Processing Control) and Q.C.T. (Quality Certification and Testing), based on the specific requests of our Customers.

In the same place the computerised production takes place, managed by software and times detected as well as production activity.

OMS, in order to improve the management of its stores, has introduced the use of a handheld with procedures tailored to our working reality.
It is now possible manage the acceptance of raw materials totally by handheld, which, through bar code reading, are automatically loaded to the warehouse and divided into identification lots.

Process capability

In March 2012 we started to improve a control system of the process capability online, during the production and without involving any operator.
To do so, we had to realize a new intranet OMS, with 2 last generation hubs(1 giga) and 30 links on line through direct wires – each link is numbered and designed for a special port, there is no interconnection between pc and server.


Since 2008, OMS has also implemented a software and hardware system for the control, production planning and optimal management of human resources and production facilities.


Citizen and Micro-turning in view of continue development, and the search for new market areas, where demand is an important know out of production processes as well as one strict materials control and traceability, OMS has set up a center of turning and milling specific for MICRO special high-precision …


The multitasking section, consisting of an Integrex 200 with a second mandrel and a second turret (9 axes) , an Integrex 100 with a second mandrel (7 axes) and a Two-spindle Multitasking Mazak Integrex i200 Machine…

Milling centers 3-5 axes

Oms is always technologically up to date, and has just purchased a new top of the range machine for 5-axis machining.

The CNC milling department consists of 4 Mitsubishi machining centers, 3 of which are for high-speed machining (spindle line with 20,000 rpm), reading on optical wrinkles, temperature compensation …

Turning centers 2-4 Axes

The Y-Axis CNC turning department consists of new-generation lathes integrated with Y-axis and motorized tools, with which, thanks to the combination of milling and turning in a single operation, we also carry out the most complex and precise operations.

The turning department also counts 8 CNC lathes for which precision, depending on the type, goes from 0.005 to 0.002 mm, to reach 0.0005 mm on the Hardinge Quest 42 lathe …

Prototypes and special equipment

The special processing and equipment department, which is essential to adequately support the production departments, is equipped with traditional machines for milling and turning, and modern systems for electroerosion, lapping (a Sunnen lapping machine used for interiors with a tolerance of 0.003 and a roughness of RA 0.8) , Laser marking (Laserwrite Zaniboni, source Nd: Yag in the solid state with output power on the piece of 20 watts) …


Was in 1998, the year in which the O.M.S. was certified UNI-EN-ISO-9001 by Det Norske Veritas (today dnvgl), when we applied a technological change, passing from a marking with vibropen, to a unique and 100% traceable LASER serialization, giving each of our products a unique serial number. In 2014, we offered our customers an upgrade with regard to product traceability …