Citizen and Micro-turning
OMS has set up a center of turning and milling specific for MICRO special high-precision.

Tthanks to the use of this new technology OMS today is able to produce mechanical details of micro size (minimum external diameter 0.40mm 0.20mm holes diameter), ensuring process capability of 1.5 minimum dimensions with tolerances of 0.010mm.This production plant is particularly suitable for micro parts dedicated to biomedicine (OMS produces some implantable parts for relevant biomedical multinational brand), and to applications precision production (mechanical watchmaking)

– The new R07 CINCOM is compact and has a maximum machining diameter of  7 mm.

– The new R07 offers a compact rotary guide bushing unit developed exclusively for highspeed, high-precision machining. With this new rotary guide bushing the R07 can perform metal cutting at speeds of up to 12,000 rpm.

– The R07 CINCOM uses linear motors to drive the slide and tool posts.
– Complementing the R07 is the optional ALPS Automatic Bar Loader.
– The R07 CINCOM offers an optional vacuum type part removal system and carousel work piece separator that can greatly improve productivity.
– The R07 CINCOM with its use of a built-in spindle and linear motor, reduces the size of the machine foot print saving valuable floor space by 40% compared to that of the B12.
– Rotary tools are now part the gang tool post.
– Even while the high-speed built-in spindle motor is running at a high speed, the chuck can be opened or closed without fi rst decreasing the speed.